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Seasonal Beers

Mango Ale
ABV- 5.3%
IBU- 20


Perfect for the warmer weather, our Mango Ale is paid with fresh Kensington Pride Mangoes. This ale has the typical sweet mango taste with a solid malt backbone.

Watermelon Sour
ABV- 3.2%
IBU- 7

This beer is brewed in the style of a berliner weisse, hence the low alcohol and high levels of acidity to make for an easy drink beer. This beer has been dosed with a puree of fresh watermelon juice which gives it a mild fruity flavour.

Lady Lager
ABV- 5.5%
IBU- 30

Our Lady Lager is made with rice produce giving it a lighter flavour, yet the use of wheat and pale malt allows the beer to still remain malty. Our lager is heavier than your typical style of lager, due to the lower fermentability of rice. 

India Red Ale
ABV- 6.0%
IBU- 65

One of the best- balanced IPA varieties that we brew, this deep dark ruby IPA has a nicely balanced caramel sweetness with hints of biscuit from the malt. 

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